Forum Poll: Who annoys you most in strata?


Pssst.  Don’t tell anyone, but I think we’ve fixed strata.  I say this because after a bumper couple of weeks with a stack of new questions, we haven’t had one new topic this week.

That’s not to say we haven’t had any mail – far from it – but Flatchatters have been piling on to existing topics and giving them a good shake.

So, to stir things up – sorry, I meant, stimulate considered and thoughtful discussion – I thought, we haven’t had a poll for a while so it’s time to remedy that.

This week’s is all about the people in your strata scheme who give you the irrits.  Select your top three sources of annoyance and the poll will automatically refresh the results into the most (or least) popular.

And if you think we’ve missed a source of your personal hair-tearing and teeth-grinding, or you want to vent more on your selections, you can respond by replying to this entry in the Flat Chat Forum.

It’s a bit of fun, really but you may be surprised to see who annoys other people most … it might even be you.

Who most gets your goat in your strata scheme?

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Meanwhile, here are the most-discussed topics on the Flat Chat Forum for the past couple of weeks.

  • How we had a compulsory manager appointed but kept control of our committee. That’s HERE.
  • Should we avoid buying into a block where three of the 10 units are owned by one family? That’s HERE.
  • What do you do when a strata manager won’t hand over the strata roll to the committee? That’s HERE.
  • Is my block’s blanket ban on air-con unfair and therefore invalid? That’s HERE.

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      Pssst.  Don’t tell anyone, but I think we’ve fixed strata.  I say this because after a bumper couple of weeks with a stack of new questions,
      [See the full post at: Forum Poll: Who annoys you most in strata?]

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