Forum: Cheap insurance leaves owner under water


There an annoying piece of nonsense that repeatedly comes up in strata – and nobody ever seems to learn.

What happens is that there’s a fault in common property that causes damage in a unit.

The owners corporation (or in this case, the body corporate) is saying the insurer is only going to cough up $500 so that’s the extent of their commitment. 


The body corporate would still have to pay for the damage even if they had no insurance at all. 

The fact that they have negotiated a cheaper deal, presumably with an excess, is not the lot owner’s fault and they shouldn’t have to suffer as a consequence.

How strong a case does this Flatchatter have?  Well, what happened to them is almost exactly what’s laid out in the body corporate Act as an example of why the BC has to pay.

You can read more HERE.

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    This is now being discussed in the Flat Chat Forum

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