Roundup: A quick health check on the Forum


Does your pulse race at the thought of someone stealing your parking space?  Are you having sleepless nights, worrying about the flat next door going on Airbnb?  Have you developed an allergy to small cute dogs? Have you acquired a passive smoker’s cough from the balcony puffers downstairs?

Actually, this is not about you: the health check we want to do this week is on the Flat Chat Forum.  It seems to be rattling along in fine form but are we missing something?

Is it easy for Flatchatters to register, log in and post? Is it easy for you to respond to other posts?

Is there something we used to have that you really miss?  Or was there something missing that we could put in now?

If you have any thoughts either way, please go to the version of this post on the Forum and respond there.

Of course, if you are having problems with the forum itself, you might not be able to do that – so send us an email at

Meanwhile Forum life goes on and here’s a brainteaser to kick us off this week. Take a block of four units where one owner wants nothing to do with anything and another refuses to pay for anything that they don’t absolutely need to.

The roof on the laundry is in such bad state that it is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.  To replace it would require a special resolution, says the strata manager.

But the other owners will never get the 75 per cent vote required, because of the no-show owner. What do you do?  That’s HERE.

An owner is ignoring by-laws and strata law and is even moving a door without permission.  How do you stop him?  That’s HERE.

Compulsorily appointed strata managers have pretty much absolute power – but what can you do if they are using it to give their tradie mates inflated contracts? That’s HERE.

What do you do when the building manager is also the rental agent and he neglects common property gardens in favour of rented properties grounds? That’s HERE.

Can under-55s live in over-55s developments?  That’s HERE.

Can tenants speak ay AGMs?  Can they be elected to the strata committee?  If they are elected, are they allowed to vote on financial issues?  So many questions, but all the answers are right HERE.

There are plenty more questions and answers on the Forum and there will be even more when the weekly newsletter goes out.  Remember to ‘favourite’ or ‘subscribe’ to the topics you are interested in, so you can keep tabs on the latest posts.

And if you’re not getting our weekly newsletter, well then you definitely are missing out.  You can subscribe by putting your email address in the box in the bottom of the right-hand column.

By the way, we would never give your contact details to anyone else without your permission.  And if you can’t trust us, who can you trust?

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  1. Jimmy-T says:

    This is now being discussed in the Flat Chat Forum

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