Free gym equipment … all you need is muscle


Are you in an apartment block where the so-called gym has plenty of space but only contains a clapped out exercise bike and an “abserciser” that someone bought off a late-night shopping channel?

Well, a building not a million miles from where I sit is revamping its gym and has some old but fully-functioning heavy duty gym gear that the strata committee is prepared to give to anyone who will come and take it away.

Included are a multi-gym station – pull-down, bench press and leg-raise – a Smith machine (for assisted bench press), and a combined captain’s chair and chin-up stand.

This stuff is the real deal and was actually once, very briefly, owned by Fox Studios when they were filming Superman.

Yes, you can say you have Superman’s gear in your gym.

What do you have to do?  Well, first email me on and I’ll pass your details on to the building manager.  Once he has given you the go-ahead, you can organise a truck, plus a couple of people who have already been to a gym to help you move the gear (this stuff is heavy, man).

And then have fun putting it all together in the space where your unused thigh-blaster used to have pride of place.

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