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Most of the arguments in strata come down to money.  Even disputes over visitor parking end up with “I own a share of this and visitors haven’t paid a cent to park here…”

The weird financial question of the week concerns a Flatchatter who has discovered that a couple of years ago, the scheme’s treasurer paid  $10,000 to the strata manager and then, a month later, paid his usual $1,000 in levies.

$4k in annual levies?  I want to live there! Anyway, a month or so later, the strata manager repaid the treasurer $10,000. All debts cancelled.  No losers or winners. Except …

What was all that about?  Money laundering? Tax evasion?  A zero sum investment?

The strata manager has been replaced and the treasurer is saying nothing. We have our own theories but we’d love to hear yours.

You can read the original posts HERE.

In other financial issues on this week’s forum, a couple of owners want to be paid for mowing the nature strip.  Can we?  Should we?  That’s HERE.

Should a strata manager charge $350 for an extraordinary general meeting to pass a much-needed by-law.  That’s HERE.

Our insurance premiums have recently shot up.  Are we paying too much and would we be better off going direct rather than through a broker?  That’s HERE.

And finally, in a non-financial story, what do you do when your neighbour uses your lawn as a short-cut that even you aren’t allowed to use?  That’s HERE.

If you have any questions or answer – or theories as to what the first story was about – bring them to the Flat Chat Forum.

And you can discover the latest Qs & As by scanning the column on the right-hand side of the page.  Enjoy!

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