From the Forum: Strange case of the dog that goes wee-wee in the night


There’s so much going on in strata at the moment that we barely need our usual weekly roundup of Forum questions and answers.

But then there’s so much going on in the Forum that it would be a shame not to have one.

One  post that caught my eye this week was from a resident who’s woken every morning at 4 am when his neighbour opens the balcony door so his dog can go out to wee on the tiles.

Really?  Is he taking the … wee? You can read  all about that HERE.

Elsewhere, in an absolute torrent of Forum questions, answers and comments …

  • Should the lot owner and owners corp share payment for balcony tile replacement?  That’s HERE.
  • Can the owners corp charge us for a plumbing bill that was the result of a neighbour’s complaint?  That’s HERE.
  • What can you do about the car owned by a friend of a tenant, parked in visitor parking, and which never gets moved despite promises to do so? That’s HERE.
  • The strata manager and insurance agent own apartments in the block  – but should they be on the committee?  That’s HERE.
  • Can the owners corp in Victoria just decide to build an office on common property?  Yes and no.  That’s HERE.
  • Finally, our Forum post about getting a Royal Commission into strata managers (from a couple of weeks ago) has stirred up some issues.  That’s HERE.

There are a lot more posts – questions and answers – on the Forum this week.  Login and chip in … or start a whole new discussion yourself.

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