Forum: Hoarder leaves us with another fine mess


Not the actual hoarder's mess ... but you get the idea.

This week’s weird and not-so wonderful story comes straight out of one of those TV reality shows about hoarders getting their home cleaned up for free.

Our Flatchatter has a neighbour who hasn’t occupied the lot for several years. The strata committee had  a police welfare check done and they found a scene the whole unit was piled high with rubbish, clothes, dirty plates and rotten food.

The large rear garden had not been touched in the 10 years of ownership. Our Flatchatter wonders if there’s any legal avenues they can pursue to get the place cleaned up.

“I can’t find any by law breach, or any legal compulsion to do anything to the inside of one’s lot,” he wails. “Is there any order that we can seek at a tribunal? We would go for a local council declaration of a health hazard, but there have been no vermin reported.”

First time I’ve heard neighbours complaining that there weren’t rats! You can read the post and make your suggestions HERE.

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      This week’s weird and not-so wonderful story comes straight out of one of those TV reality shows about hoarders getting their home cleaned up for free
      [See the full post at: Forum: Hoarder leaves us with another fine mess]

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