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      I’m on the Strat committee and I’m looking at ways to communicate with residents when there are  maintenance issues, e.g garage, water etc. We meet quarterly and distribute  minute meetings and have installed notice boards in our three lifts for maintenance updates. Looking for advice on additional methods of communicating with residents in a quick manner, not everyone may use the lift to see the notice. We use SMATA for repairs etc, can’t see how to use this as a communication portal. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

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      Sir Humphrey

        It’s old fashioned but a printed ‘newsletter’ in each letterbox tends to get read.


          Have you looked at Stratabox – one of our sponsors. It looks like a workable solution that operates on several levels.

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          The Hood

            It might not capture everyone but email is fine.
            Any owner can do it.
            Emails are an address for service if the OC has been notified of an email for that purpose.

            “Secondly, even if an address for service of notice is “information … about an individual”, part of the primary purpose of the collection of lot owners’ addresses and their inclusion on the strata roll is so they can be contacted by other lot owners and the Executive Committee of the Owners Corporation.”
            Legge v Network Strata Services Pty Ltd (Strata and Community Schemes) [2013] NSWCTTT 45 (8 January 2013)

            Just want to say if you didn’t have approval to put up noticeboards in the lifts that is naughty.

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