From the Forum: Turmoil over sneaky cake-taker


It’s been a bit quiet on the Forum front, what with the long weekend and all.

But the saddest story of the week is probably the smallest in terms of shock and horror, yet hugely significant in the community in which it occurred.

Basically, one resident had left a box of cakes for another, on their doorstep.

But when the lucky recipient went to retrieve them, they saw a third resident making off with the cakes.

‘Are those my cakes?” said the victim.

The cake-napper said nothing and just handed them back then went back to their flat.

Now, does the almost-victim tell other owners that there’s a thief in the block? Or would that blow the whole incident out of proportion?

You can judge for yourself HERE.

Also taking the biscuit out in strata land, are these questions:

  • Do you make an insurance claim on broken common property, perhaps alerting your insurer to its other dangers and risking higher premiums? That’s HERE.
  • Can a committee member stay in place after they have sold their unit? And when is it considered to have officially sold anyway? That’s HERE.
  • Who pays when residents have to move out because of repair work being conducted by the owners corporation? That’s HERE.

By the time you have read this, there will be a stack of questions and answers on the Flat Chat Forum.

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  1. Jimmy-T says:

    This is now being discussed in the Flat Chat Forum

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