Waterproofing worries tackled in webinar


The devastating rains of the past few weeks have wreaked havoc in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, as well as S.E. Queensland.

Here in Strataland, they will also doubtless have exposed previously undetected flaws and and failures in apartment block waterproofing

With immaculate timing, this week the Owners Corporation Network presented a webinar on the topic, explaining how you can add years to the life of your building’s integrity by tackling one of the most common areas of defects and deterioration.

The webinar covered membrane maintenance plans, as two recognised experts explore some building waterproofing failures and show how they could they could easily have been prevented.

The speakers included:

Daniel Caruana,  CEO of Danrae Group Waterproofing Experts

Daniel has over 15 years industry experience and is the current Director and CEO of Danrae Group. His career began in the information technology industry and now develops strategy, people and growth of the company.

Daniel is a registered Building Practitioner under the new DBP Act, Licensed Builder and Waterproofer and has successfully project managed both construction and remedial waterproofing projects.

Daniel has presented technical remedial and membrane waterproofing presentations to the HIA, MBA and the strata industry as well as being a NSW Committee member of the Australian Concrete Repair and Remedial Association (ACRA).

John Riad, Team Leader Defects and Structural Engineering at Landlay
John Riad has been a member of Engineers Australia since 2006 and a chartered Professional Engineer (Structural) since 2018.

Since 2015 he has attended numerous litigation cases as an Expert Witness and played an instrumental role in many remedial projects and defect claims.

John’s areas of investigation and building diagnostics and rectification strategies include: Internal water penetration, waterproofing membrane failures, waterproofing detailing, façade leaks; structural failures, cracking to concrete and masonry structures, construction defects, structural inadequacy, and subsidence to structures (such as retaining walls).

This online event, brought to you by OCN with support from the City of Sydney, will help answer your questions about one of the most common and potentially damaging areas of concern for apartment blocks.

OCN members (only) can access an archive recording of the event on the OCN website.

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    The devastating rains of the past few weeks have wreaked havoc in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, as well as S.E. Queensland. Here in Strataland, the
    [See the full post at: Waterproofing worries tackled in webinar]

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