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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: You know things have come to a sad state in a block when the only way forward on a long-running and contentious issue seems to involve sacking the committee and replacing them with a statutorily appointed strata manager.

The problem is relatively simple.  A near 50-year-old lift keeps breaking down and the experts say that although it is functioning most of the time, and can be serviced, it will need to be replaced and the sooner the better.

But then it starts to get messy. The owners corp agreed to replace the lift but a faction wants to do it solely with existing funds. 

However, some owners say there are other repairs and maintenance issues and they can’t afford to empty the coffers, so they want a special levy.

A contract at pre-covid prices sits on the table awaiting the application of  the strata seal (literally).  To and fro to NCAT they go, with one side saying it’s an essential repair and so legally they have to do the work, and the other side says, no, it’s an upgrade and that’s optional.

Meanwhile there are moves to sack the committee and make the people who blocked the funding of the contract liable for any extra cost if the price goes up due to post-covid shortages of materials and tradies.

At least, I think that’s what the story is.  See for yourself HERE.

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    QUESTION OF THE WEEK: You know things have come to a sad state in a block when the only way forward on a long-running and contentious issue seems to i
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