FORUM: It’s not my party and I’ll cry if I want to …


It’s funny how people react differently to exactly the same information. For instance, suppose you get a note from a neighbour saying, “we’re having a shindig on Saturday – apologies in advance for any noise.”

Now if you live in a block where there’s always someone having a party, somewhere in the building, you might think “how considerate … I might arrange to be out having a good time myself.’

But if you are in a building where people almost never have parties, it might feel like you are at the top of a very slippery slope.  Is this the thin end of the wedge.  If you don’t object now, as you opening the door to noisy parties all weekend, every weekend?

That’s the dilemma facing one Flatchatter and you can read about it HERE.

Meanwhile, a discussion about committee members parking illegally, and how everyone in the building was sent Notices To Comply, led to a spin-off post about the costly result of a case where an owner was singled out for “breaches” by his committee and decided to take them on.

Not only did he win his case, he was awarded costs against the committee too.  That’s HERE.

On the subject of overkill, one Flatchatter lives in a block where a committee member’s son has been taking up a corner of common property as his personal parking space.

Is there a specific law under which they could ping him for obstructing access to the electrical power board room?

Probably not, but that’s not the point.  He’s obstructing common property – the space and the door – and he definitely does need a Notice to Comply.  That’s HERE.

Small blocks can be a nightmare and even those where everyone gets along can be tough to manage when all the residents are too busy to devote any time to running the place.

But is there any strata manager out there who would take on a block of three for the minimal income it would generate with no guarantee that the workload would be any less?  That’s HERE.

Car stackers, are a terrific way of getting the maximum number of vehicles into the minimum amount of space.  And like most technology, they are great until they aren’t … and then they’re awful.

Obviously, maintenance is absolutely crucial.  But imagine if you were told that in a few years they’d have to be replaced at a cost of about $1 millon … and your strata budget hasn’t put aside a cent for that particular rainy day.  That’s HERE.

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