Roundup: When the developer just doesn’t get it


Buying an apartment is possibly the only commercial transaction in our lives where someone sells you something – usually for a lot of money – but thinks they still own it.

However, it’s amazing how often developers of small unit blocks think they can take your money but keep complete control over the building, issuing contracts on a whim, usually to their mates if not themselves.

Even worse, they want you to pay their expenses, like the developer of a new block who wants to  divide the running costs between himself and the first two purchasers.  That’s HERE.

What do you do when the lift in a new apartment block wakes you up in the morning and stops you getting to sleep at night.  That’s HERE.

Has anyone discovered self-management strata software that works?  That’s HERE.

What do you do when your building manager can’t be bothered to deal with noise complaints?  That’s HERE.

How does a renter who has returned overseas enforce an NCAT order to repay his bond.  That’s HERE.

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