Podcast: How a lockdown had a silver lining


Are you stuck at home because state borders aren’t as open as they want us to think, or you can’t go anywhere until your covid test results come out?

Maybe you’re self-isolating because someone in your family went to a herd immunity superspreader party. Or you just don’t feel like running a gaunlet of unmasked festive huggers.

Perhaps you’re stuck in a traffic jam on your way to somewhere … anywhere … nice.

Or you’re in queue for a covid test that doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.

Here at Flat Chat we’re taking a bit of a break too, certainly as far as this week’s podcast is concerned, but we didn’t want to leave you with nothing to listen to.

So we’ve dug our PodCom, Hyperbole Towers, out of the archives to put a smile on your face (and so we can again thank Todd McKenney for his uncredited contribution to the audio comedy that we first podcast more than a year ago).

Back then, the idea that a fractious strata committee might have to meet online was hilarious. Now it seems a bit less amusing.

But the need to stay at home did give us the opportunity (and City of Sydney funding) to pay a bunch of talented actors to bring our little comedy to life.

So what’s going on in Hyperbole Towers (apart from the committee not being able to meet in person)?

Well, there’s a plan to open a massage parlour in the block, and a mysterious and irritating tapping noise coming from one apartment.

And what exactly is Building Manager Alfie up to?

Listen and enjoy.


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