Roundup: now with added Apples (OK … iPhones)


I am having great difficulty writing this, mainly because I have my fingers crossed.  I think I have finally fixed the problem with iPhones, ipads and smartphones that meant you couldn’t click on the links below and go straight to the related Forum posts.

If it’s working, hooray and welcome to our world.  If it’s not working, please let me know on

If you are interested, I had a stray redundant plugin in the CMS.  If you don’t know what a plugin or a CMS are, that’s OK.  You really don’t need to.

But I hope the links are working now because there’s a lot of juicy stuff on the Forum this week

  • Why isn’t the committee taking out Home Building insurance on a $150,000 lift repair? The answer is HERE.
  • What should you vote for at your new building’s first AGM? That’s HERE.
  • Why do owners corps not get a rebate of the insurance commission paid to strata managers when they organise the insurance themselves? The answer is HERE, and it makes sense. Almost.
  • Why will it soon be easier to stop smoke from your neighbours coming into your homes? And what can you do about it now? That’s HERE.
  • Is the EC allowed to go ahead and order new paint and carpet for common areas without a general meeting? That’s HERE.
  • How long can chairmen and women remain in office? And how do you get rid of them when they don’t want to go?  That’s HERE.

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