From the Forum: Stray cats and rat runs


Some people like cats, others can’t abide them, but one Flatchatter is being driven nuts by some feral cats and, more to the point, the resident who feeds them.

If you can’t nail the resident for feeding cats on her property, what can be done to cut down the feline invasion?

The answer is, not a lot.  Cats are allowed to roam and stray cats will find food.  However, there are charities that will come along, capture the  cats, neuter them and release them back in to the wild.

Young McNulty – aka Mac the Flat Chat cat (pictured) – was a rescue kitten and his mother was a capture and release cat. Desexed and released cats are less likely to be a nuisance than random strays.

Getting back to the Forum post, as for keeping cats off common property, you can send Notices To Comply to the person who is feeding them.  But remember you are depriving the resident of pleasure at the same time as you are depriving the stray cats of food.

For a longer term, humane solution, you might contact cat rescue charities HERE, HERE and HERE.

You can read the whole discussion, for and against cats,  HERE.

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  1. CamRob says:

    Stop feeding the strays

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