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      Hello all,

      In a strata scheme I am involved in, one resident (Mr X) is greatly disturbing a neighbour (Ms Y) who lives below, by

      * Slamming doors;

      * Moving furniture at night (why? Who knows);

      * Engaging in loud offensive conversations in common areas; and

      * Transmitting noise to another unit by walking in high heals over what seems to be uncovered (but previously covered) floor.

      I am on the 3 person strata committee and we have a strata manager. I sympathise with Ms Y having dealt with her in the past.

      I have not approached the strata manager as yet. Instead, I asked the other 2 members for how they would tackle the problem. One replied “she should put up with the noise for a few months. After all, the noise makers will vacate mid year”.

      The other SC member did not reply.

      Question: what are my options (as a committee member, the sole committee member who wants to take action) as I fear that if the SC does nothing, Ms Y can take the matter to NCAT (be it against the OC or her landlord). I very much disagree with the view of one colleague who suggestion is “to put up with the noise”.

      Any ideas? Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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        Do you have a by-law about noise and/or floor treatment?


          I believe we do have such by-laws which I think are standard in most strata schemes. If so, then are you suggesting Ms X or I could apply to NCAT claiming the OC via the strata committee is not doing its job?

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