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      How do you fight an unknown special levy? This was sent without notice or any information and we’re told to conduct a strata search to find the reasons. Presuming this means going through all correspondence, invoices and quotes over the past few years where do I begin?

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        If there was no general meeting at which the special levy was agreed, then the special levy is invalid.  If there was a general meeting then there should be a copy of the agenda and the minutes.  Strata searches – turning up at the strata manager’s office and looking through the files – costs $30 or thereabouts.

        If you don’t have a strata manager and the strata committee can’t produce a copy of the agenda and minutes, go to Fair Trading and ask for mediation.

        If you feel the building is seriously dysfunctional, or there is clear evidence that fraud is involved, apply to NCAT for the appointment of a compulsory manager (but be careful what you wish for).

        The opinions offered in these Forum posts and replies are not intended to be taken as legal advice. Readers with serious issues should consult experienced strata lawyers.

          As an owner you are entitled to the minutes of any meetings and general AGM reports. In them you may see whether an upcoming item replacement may be the cause or the general management of the scheme has been poor.

          I read the minutes of several AGM meetings for a friend who wanted to buy into a scheme. They had a Capital works levy of $20 a quarter between 12 units. There was a scheme with a special levy just waiting to be struck.

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