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      We want to replace old single glaze wood windows with double glaze aluminum, using the same design as the old windows are. The Strata Committe has rejected without reasoning. What are our rights? We are in Victoria

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        Have you obtained detailed design(s) from a window expert? The aluminium members in a window can be wider than existing members, making “the same design” impracticable. Have most of the wooden windows passed their use-by date?


          Every day I see a reminder of what happens when an owner decides to go it alone and install non-matching double glazing, even filling the gap created by the smaller window frame.


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            Funnily enough, we have a strata by-law giving responsibility for window repairs and replacements over to individual owners. This is inevitably going to mean that windows, as they are slowly replaced, won’t match 100%.

            In fact, one of my windows is getting replaced, and it’s only the one window I can afford to do right now. I’ve asked for it to match what’s already there, but there will be small differences.

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