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    Flame Tree (Qld)

      Has anyone ever successfully had the Commissioner’s office adjudicate, or themself decide, that their committee is just not working, and directed that a professional manger be appointed?

      My place has a shopping list of works not done, done poorly, or with misappropriated owner’s funds, nil by-law enforcement, self-righteous committee with a strata manager who sides with them to keep his job, void or expired key provider contracts, drinking unlimited amounts of alcohol during committee meetings, not cleaning the hard-surfaces or garage doors, or large paths in years, ruined garden reticulation by a tiles not rectified by him but owners to be forced to pay in a few years of them not working and him long gone, passing invalid motions at AGMs, vermin bird infested garages, stains for years in the pool, unfixed broken windows while they seek to shame an unknown wondow breaker months back, directly lying to owners, not acting on owners who resist decisions affecting insurance cover, defaming owners to others, refusing to give owners roll when requested to, an old rump of committee owners in their 80s leading naive new members that their way is right and complaining owners are wrong, etc etc etc. Some approved AGM Meeting Motions have gone incompleted for a few years back. A real fun place.

      Friend had something in his commercial complex with owner’s too busy to do that stuff so they got a professional to do it to great effect. The place looked great, was always fixed fast, there was no politics, and rather than cost owners they actually found they had much more in the account year end due to the pro manager properly tendering out jobs to get great repeat work at very keen prices. They wouldn’t go back to the old way at all.

      I like the idea after the way this place has been run, and was wondering the thoughts of others if you’ve done such.


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        I am in NSW, so can’t help much other than ask if you have you looked at the legislation

        at Part 9 mention is made of “Adjudication Generally”.

        if you have not, then that would be a good start.

        (Of course you may well have already seen the legislation).

        Flame Tree (Qld)

          Thanks True, Part 9 seems only to refer to closing a body corporate, typically when the site has been sold en-mass, likely to a developer or such. I’ll call the Office of the Comm as they are good to call for direction to the relevant legislation. Cheers, C.

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