Now there’s a smarter way to get strata facts


Being an owner of strata property can be a bit too much to think about for anyone seeking the quiet apartment life, sipping coffee on the balcony and scrolling through their phone.

For the more engaged, concerned or, let’s face it, strata-challenged, it can all seem like a lava flow of new rules, superseded regulations, by-laws, management repair spends et al to get across fast before they burn you.

Former strata lawyer Francesco Andreone has a website called GoStrata which offers advice and information – for a modest subscription. And he has come up with a new way of delivering nuggets of strata wisdom.

This is what he says:

Over many years of explaining strata title issues to all kinds of strata citizens, I’ve learned a few things about those stakeholders, what they want, what they need, and, most importantly what helps them the most.

They’re all strata citizens

Every strata stakeholder is critical to the effective operation of strata title buildings such that good outcomes cannot exclude any one of them regardless of their roles, skills, knowledge, experience, etc.

So, everyone is a strata citizen and makes a difference.

Strata issues are highly varied

Strata issues vary enormously across many dimensions.  Some are very simple, basic or easy, whilst others are highly technical, intricate and complex.  Many occur often and everywhere, whilst some occur very rarely and/or only in special circumstances.  The value or cost of strata issues to stakeholders ranges from almost nothing to the total value of the building.  And, the importance of the issues differs amongst stakeholders [even over the same issue]. 

So, all strata questions [and answers] matter.

Strata solutions are multi-disciplinary

Because strata buildings involve a complex set of interactions between physical structures, people, organisations [internal and external], money, laws and strategy, the best solutions cannot be one-dimensional.  Rather, they need to factor in multiple options, possibilities, and likely outcomes across a range of areas.

So, multi-disciplinary strata solutions are almost always needed.

Even strata experts need help

Because of the number, variety and frequency of strata issues the most experienced strata stakeholders will encounter issues that stump them from time to time.  Plus, even when they know what they’re doing, a timely reminder, refresher, or, just confirmation about the issue helps a lot.

So, easy access to good strata information helps novices and experts alike.

All those things mean that useful strata help requires a combination of specialist knowledge, expertise, and experience that’s expressed in clear and easy-to-understand language, is practical, gets delivered regularly, and can be easily found again when needed. 


That’s where GoStrata Media’s new initiative StrataTips comes in. 

StrataTips are short, sharp and helpful snippets of strata information that all strata citizens can use and apply instantly based on long-term experience. 

StrataTips will be published continuously and develop into a searchable strata brains trust. 

All GoStrata Media members will automatically receive StrataTips from mid February onwards. 

Plus, you can follow GoStrata Media on Linkedin, X [Twitter], Instagram, Facebook, Threads or TikTok to get StrataTips in your social media feeds.

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      Being an owner of strata property can be a bit too much to think about for anyone seeking the quiet apartment life, sipping coffee on the balcony and
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