Forum faves: Cat lovers persecuted by dog owner – and the psycho next door


Aaah, the wonderful world of strata.  I found some old Flat Chat columns on my computer today, going back almost 12 years , and guess what? We are still talking about basically the same issues.

Even so, there’s always a new twist as we discover different ways to drive our neighbours insane.

Here’s a selection of some of the very latest laments from StrataLand that have popped up of the Flat Chat Forum.

  • Cat lovers say they are being victimised by a dog owner who raises bogus complaints and  spies on them via the security cameras.  That’s HERE
  • Are planter boxes on the balcony common property?  Click HERE.
  • What do you do about the “Psychopath Next Door”?  Go HERE.
  • Should Unit Entitlements (and therefore levies) on new apartments be based on their estimated value or their actual sales price.  Get the calculators out for THIS ONE.
  • Do you have to bring old electrical wiring up to the current code standards just because it’s old? Switch on HERE.
  • Will the new laws mean the end of “blind proxies” to the chair and proxy farming entirely.  We say yes and no, HERE.

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