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The phrase “autocratic chair” is so common in strata it’s almost a tautology.  I’m guessing things haven’t improved much since Donald Trump showed the world that all you need to do is keep ignoring the norms and eventually normality will adjust to fit.

This case isn’t quite so hifalutin, but it’s no less distressing for the people involved.

A common property roof leaks, causing damage and mould in an apartment below.  The chair refuses to authorise repairs.

A plumber and a mould specialist confirm the problem is a leak in the membrane. The chair does nothing, despite strata law saying the owners corp has to fix common property.

NCAT orders the chair to have an engineer investigate.  The engineer says it’s a leaky membrane. The chair ignores the report. 

That was two years ago and it seems the chair has spent more time and energy finding reasons to do nothing than just getting common property fixed.

So what do you do when you have a stone-walling, obfuscating, chair who runs the strata committee and owners corporation as if it was their own personal domain, and refuses to abide by strata law?

Maybe you storm the Capitol.  That’s HERE.

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