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There are two major movements in strata, regarding electric vehicles.  One is related to the population getting older, the other is our belated rush to embrace electric vehicles.

Both of these require strata schemes to address the needs of residents to be able to charge their mobility scooters or electric cars, either where they park them, or nearby.

There are basically four options available.  The most basic is to allow owners to charge from their own electricity via their domestic meters (if this is physically possible).

Another is to allow owners to charge up off the common property supply, via a meter through which they can be billed.

A third option is to allow the lot owner to install the three-phase rapid charging outlet near their parking spot (at their own expense).

And finally, the owners corp can install rapid charging points in the common property garage, whereby owners can pay either via a credit card or an ID code that adds the cost to their levies bill.

Now, electric scooters may not require the big infrastructure – a three-pin domestic plug on a meter (or not) may be enough.

And it’s worth remembering that in NSW, changes to common property infrastructure that have a sustainability element no longer require by-laws.

So, in a week where power company Jolt announced the installation of 5,000 free EV charging points across Australia, the demand for EV charging in strata schemes is only likely to grow.

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