Forum: No lift for aged and disabled for 10 days


This week’s forum features a sad tale from a SEPP5 (aged and disabled scheme) where it sounds like the majority in the newer part of the scheme are just letting the lift in the older part of the complex literally grind to a halt.

We’re trying to get more detail on that but we do know that residents of the Heritage part of the complex had no lift for 10 days.

By the way, one of the fundamentals of SEPP5 approval is that there is wheelchair access to all units on all level.

Someone in there needs to read their planning approvals and check their responsibilities and liabilities.  You can read a long and angry post HERE.  

Otherwise, it’s Quirk City on the forum this week.  First there’s the Tribunal decision not to overturn a blanket “no pets” ban because there were no pets actually involved.

It seems you can ban hypothetical pets, even if you can’t ban real ones. You can hear us discuss that on the podcast HERE and read the original Forum post HERE.

Then there’s a by-law, allegedly created by a “bush lawyer”, that would force purchasers of apartments to pay the legal costs of the previous owners. 

It’s all part of a lengthy and endless battle between owners and their committee.  The proposed by-law seems to be (in our humble, non-legal opinion) totally bogus and unenforceable but it might make it harder for the hapless owners to sell and get out of that toxic environment (which they really should do, ASAP).

You can read all about it HERE.

Finally, an owner wants to know why their committee is approving flooring that doesn’t comply with by-laws, and wonders what happens when someone complains about the noise. That’s HERE.

These are just the newest topics on the Forum and there are a lot of ongoing discussions that may have moved on since you last looked. Check them out.

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