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What happens when an apartment block is neglected.

After the tsunami of post-festive strata questions, complaints and clarifications, everything has settled down a bit (quite a lot, actually), but that’s good because it gives us a chance to dig into one lengthy post.

Our Flatchatter has discovered that his Mum’s formerly  top-drawer unit block has been allowed to deterioriate – not quite to rack and ruin but clearly on its way.

So question one is, what can he do about the overgrown garden and other unsightly messes that now greet potential tenants, buyers and visitors.

Okay, that’s one problem and part of the answer is surely to email everyone on the strata roll and ask them what they want to do to rescue their homes or investments.

Trouble is, the strata manager says she only has to give the strata roll to the secretary or the strata committee. Is she right?

Well, by coincidence, I have been wrestling with exactly the same issue with my strata manager. And the answer is … kind of yes, but mostly no. You can read about the messy problem and the barrier to a solution HERE.

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      After the tsunami of post-festive strata questions, complaints and clarifications, everything has settled down a bit (quite a lot, actually), but that
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