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Usually in the intros to these Forum roundups, we try to give you the best of the newest posts.  It just so happens that there are plenty to choose from this week, but I want to start with one that’s been kicking around for a while – because it is so intriguing.

The original question asked what happens when the law says a strata block must be insured but you can’t find an insurance company to cover it?

Now, that sparked a lot of helpful advice.  Maybe you could exclude some parts of the block; one Flatchatter had insurance issues because it was a mixed-use building with commercial premises and they did that.

Maybe you could negotiate excesses so that there would be no pay-out required.  Perhaps you could trace the communications with the previous insurers to find out why they withdrew cover. 

If it was a personal issue with a member of previous committee, it could be resolved.

It was all highly speculative so we finally did the obvious thing and asked why no insurance company would cover the building.  The reply will knock your socks off, HERE.

Elsewhere in the Forum

  • Can we make the whole block non-smoking, including inside lots?  That’s HERE.
  • Strata manager is delaying action of damaging water leaks.  That’s HERE.
  • Is it dangerous to store gas cylinders in a car parking space? That’s HERE.
  • Owners corp blaming me for deterioration of balcony slab.  That’s HERE.
  • Even the Planning department isn’t sure about the new rules on renovations.  That’s HERE.

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