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Here’s a conundrum from way out of left field, and then some.  One of our Flatchatters has just received a final demand, and a threat of legal action, from a tradie for work done on the building’s common property.

Our correspondent has received the demand because the previous owner of the apartment was on the committee and was identified as “the owner of lot XXX”.

Our Flatchatter is not on the committee and wasn’t even an owner when the work was done.  The unfortunate tradie doesn’t have a leg to stand on in this claim against the individual owner, but it does open up a whole raft of questions.

For a start, how liable are committee members for unpaid debts incurred by the strata scheme when they are in office?

Also, if a committee member has sold knowing that the scheme was in debt to a supplier, should the new owners have been informed?

After all, they are going to have to pay a share of any overdue debts when the issue is resolved.

And can someone explain to our tradies that doing work for strata scheme is the same as doing it for a company, not the person who commissioned it?

This one could run but it all starts HERE.

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