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      Assistant real estate and strata managers in NSW have been given an extra three months to keep working while they register for professional qualificat
      [See the full post at: Trainee strata managers’ deadlines extended]

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      Flame Tree (Qld)

        This might be a real hassle for strata managers affected, and they are sure to pass on these costs for initial training, and ideally the requirement for on-going professional development, as do other legitimate professions.

        But cest la vie, as there are just too many folks in this industry without qualification and too many owners affected by what they do, or not do, or who they do it for. I’m sure most folks assume strata managers need to be trained to a proper industry- standard but it’s just not the case.

        The NSW govt has rightly identified the industry-wide level of training has been insufficient, and only good can come from having all owners served by better trained strata managers, whom have such a degree of influence over owner’s investments.

        This should be an Australia wide standard requirement.

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