Podcast 61 – Electric cars and rogue parking with James Valentine


Roughly once a month JimmyT drops into the ABC radio studios for a chat with James Valentine about strata and all the myriad related subjects

This month they start off talking about charging electric cars in strata schemes but pretty soon the calls from JV’s listeners start pouring in.

One caller wants to know if the owners in two out of three buildings in the same strata scheme should be responsible for the cabling when the third building gets  NBN fibre to the basement, rather than fibre to the node that the other blocks have.

Another caller in a duplex wants to know what to do when their neighbour (and half-owner) wants to render the external walls of their half, but the caller can’t afford to match it.

A frustrated member of a committee wants to know if there’s anything they can do about owners who wilfully ignore warnings not to park in visitor parking.

Also, who’s responsible when goods stored in a garage get damaged by water pouring through in heavy rains?

And is a flat occupied by different sets of employess of the company that owns it short-term letting?  And what do you do when the visiting employees ignore or flout the strata by-laws and rules?

These questions were all addressed in the Flat Chat slot in James Valentine’s Afternoons. You can catch up with the rest of James’ daily shows HERE.

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