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A broken balcony in New York - not the one in our story

One of the gratifying things about wrangling this website is that it is keenly observed by a bunch of strata owners and professionals who keep us up to speed with changes in strata laws, regulations and Tribunal rulings.

This is especially important when the powers that be – and in NSW that would be Fair Trading – seem to have no interest in or are incapable of doing so.

Take the issue of bringing common property balustrades up to current Building Code safety standards.  The prevailing opinion has been for many years that until you started doing major work in or around balconies, and provided the balustrades had been code compliant when they were constructed, there was no compulsion to make them compliant with current regulations.

This issue was raised on the Forum recently in the case of a 24-unit block the owners of which have been hit with a $2 million special levy to finace the reconstrauction of their balcony balustrades.

That work would also require them to retile their balconies and, as a consequence of that, replace their sliding doors.

To my shame, I trotted out the old chestnut that you don’t need to bring the balustrades up to code unless other significant work is being done.

Not so, it seems.  There was a Tribunal Appeals Board ruling late last year that if a balcony balustrade was deemed to be unsafe – and non-compliance with current BCA standards was an indicator – then the owners corporation had a responsibility to fix them.

Thanks to our Forum posters, I was able to correct my erroneous opinion.  But then I went and checked the Fair Trading website to see what they say about it all.

Nothing, is the answer.

There is a link to this factsheet about balcony and deck safety however it has no reference to the recent ruling. But then it was published in 2014.

You can read the whole $2 million special levy saga from last week HERE.

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