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Take a time-out from your bad strata manager without losing control.

There’s a report on a potentially groundbreaking resolution to an all-too-common issue in the Forum this week.

Up until now, in NSW, if you wanted to get rid of your committee and/or your strata manager, you had to go for broke and ask for the statutory appointment of a strata manager.

This was often a “be careful what you wish for” decision, because it meant the strata committee lost all its powers and the appointed manager took over full control of the strata scheme for at least one year, but usually two, ostensibly while things were sorted out.

However, owners could find that giving absolute power to one individual, with no input from the owners, meant that far from the situation being improved, it got worse as every little by-law breach was pursued and every tiny defect or repair in the block was addressed, often with the employment of the strata managers’ “trusted”  tradies, while special levies were issued like lollies to pay for it all.

The good news is that recently a strata scheme successfully petitioned the Tribunal to appoint their preferred strata manager only to perform the normal duties of their role and leave the strata committee to stay in power.

Is this the first time this has happened?  Maybe it’s just the first time we’ve heard about it but we can only hope it’s not the last.  You can read more about it – including where the original strata manager went wrong –  HERE.


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      There’s a report on a potentially groundbreaking resolution to an all-too-common issue in the Forum this week. Up until now, in NSW, if you wanted to
      [See the full post at: Forum: Statutory manager but committee stays]

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