Forum: Should cleaner have to deal with dog poo?


Our first post in this week’s roundup illustrates precisely why I would never live in an apartment block that didn’t have CCTV at least covering the front door and foyer.


Because even if every one of your neighbours is a lovely human being and valuable member of society, they probable know someone who isn’t

For instance, Flatchatter Esmeralda tells us she was disgusted to discover a dog had deposited some poo at the entrance to her flats.

The building’s cleaner wanted to know if she was expected to clean this up, or was it above and beyond the call of duty?

She called her bosses and they said she should clean it.

The general consensus seems to be that she probably should have, but she really shouldn’t have been put in that position by the animal responsible for the mess (I mean the dog owner, not the dog).

So what do we do to prevent this happening again, in the absence of CCTV to reveal the identity of the culprit.

In an ideal world, the cleaner’s boss should have charged the strata committee an excess cleaning fee of, say, $50 dollars which they could then have passed on to the cleaner.

But they may worry about losing their contract so they might not do that.  Alternatively, Esmeralda could ask her committee to sling the cleaner the fifty bucks while trying to track down the phantom pooper.

And meanwhile, if it was my block, I would be asking them to investigate installing security cameras. Some people are less concerned about right and wrong and more worried about whether or not they could be caught.

Is this an argument for why buildings should be able to ban pets? I’d rather buildings were able to ban dickheads. You can pitch in with your thoughts HERE.

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  1. Jimmy-T says:

    If you want to start a discussion or ask a question about this, log into the Flat Chat Forum (using the link above). More people will read it there and you can more easily keep track of responses.

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