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One of the funniest shows ever on TV was a British sitcom called Rising Damp. What does it have to do with strata? Well, it was about young and not-so-young people living in lodgings.

But, really, I only mention it so I can avoid running another picture of a damp wall, which I probably should do, to connect with a post from Victoria that has implications for all of us.

It concerns rising damp in the walls of a row of townhouses.  Some of the external walls but not all of the internal ones are affected.

The owners corp is proposing to pay half the cost of fixing the external walls that adjoin common property but the strata committee says the neighbours should pay to fix their adjoining walls.

Seventy percent of the homes are unaffected so “I’m alright Jack” prevails.  But what if the damp spreads?  That’s HERE.

Also in Vic, a unit owner’s landscaper dug up the common property garden irrigation system.  The unit owner says they didn’t know it was there so they can’t be held responsible.

You won’t be surprised to learn we take a different view. That’s HERE.

And a Flatchatter has been told that the committee is not required to meet to approve spending sums less that $500.  Can this be true, he asks HERE?

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Otherwise, it’s mostly running discussions … some of which now stretch to two pages on the site.

  • Considering there are only 21,000 EVs in all of Australia, Electric Vehicle charging in apartment blocks is getting a lot of traction, HERE.
  • The saga of the tenant locked out of her garage by repairs to the driveway takes an unexpected twist when another renter didn’t get the memo. Ooops! That’s HERE.

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    One of the funniest shows ever on TV was a British sitcom called Rising Damp. What does it have to do with strata? Well, it was about young and not-so
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