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      Due to a poor hand-over between our old strata manager and our new one resulting in unpaid invoices, our pool maintenance contractor ceased our services and we have had difficulty finding one who is available.

      I’m on the committee which is pretty inactive and has two other owners on it so in the interim I took over the cleaning / testing of the outdoor pool whilst being reimbursed for chemicals / equipment purchases only. In doing this we’ve saved over $5,000 on our pool maintenance budget this year which is significant both collectively and per unit (we have 20 units). This includes the reimbursements and the fees to contractors for annual equipment servicing. It takes on average 1 hour per week of my time.


      I’ve been reimbursed monthly however our agency agreement states the agent can charge their hourly fee for the time to process these payments, so grouping these repayments would be more cost effective. I don’t want to be out of pocket for say 6 months though. Is there a good way I can be paid in advance?
      Although I’ve enjoyed the process and learning about pool care, it would be nice to be paid even just the minimum wage for my time. Are there any pitfalls to this I’d need to watch out for?

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        Do you have somewhere you can safely store this material, and buy, say, 6 month’s requirement at a time?


          Yup, we have a ground floor room where the pump/filter/ chlorine and acid doser is housed with plenty of room for storage of supplies and equipment. That’s a good idea for reducing the number of payments per year, though I’m not sure about the safety of storing relatively large quantities of liquid chlorine and acid containers.

          It’s probably fine but if there was ever a fire or some other disaster, it would be made a whole lot worse if that chlorine and acid mixed together…

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