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It’s a bumper crop of Forum posts this week but I’m drawn to one that reminds me of a friend of mine – a real estate agent – who was helping to sell an apartment near where I live in Sydney.

Looking at the strata plan, she pointed out that the vendor had a prime parking spot as it was a double space between a pillar and a fire door so no one would be parking immediately adjacent to her.

Not so, said the seller – there’s a small car space in front of the fire door.  Further investigations revealed that the building manager had repainted the lines either side of the passageway, widening the space.

He had then persuaded the committee to assign the space for use by visiting tradies, but then rented it to a nearby commercial company for their office car.

All of these moves were dodgy if not illegal, of course, but when our vigilant mate challenged the creation of a car space in front of a clearly marked fire exit, the building’s chair said blithely, “there’s another fire exit on the other side of the car park.”

Armed with a tape measure, a copy of the strata plan and the phone number of the local council (just in case) our chum got the original markings restored and the additional “nice little earner” for the building manager erased.

All of which brings us to one post this week where a committee member has laid claim to an extra half metre of car space, persuaded the building manager to repaint the lines and is now selling it.  That’s HERE.

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