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It’s Easter and it’s not only the buns that are hot and cross. It’s bad enough when there is a problem in your block and you don’t know what’s causing it but when an uncooperative neighbour and a slack strata manager are involved everything gets so much worse than it needs to be.

We have one story this week that reveals what happens after five years of push and shove over leaks from an upstairs flat get the downstairs owner nowhere.

When the Flatchatters finally lost it with the SM, a plumber got into the offending flat and noticed a significant bulge in a bathroom wall behind a shower. 

What happened after the plumber took a pickaxe to the wall was as spectacular as it was predictable. That’s HERE (as an addition to an earlier post so read all the way down).  

Meanwhile a couple of Flatchatters are annoyed that work they had all ready to go has been held up because it has to first be approved by a registered design practitioner.

This is part of the new legislation brought in in the wake of the Mascot and Opal towers shambles, when it was decided that all significant building work had to be signed off by someone who was properly trained and qualified to do so.

The result, clearly has been to put a brake both on cowboy contractors and legitimate operators. Is it a good or bad thing?  Maybe both. Have a look HERE.

Elsewhere on the Forum

A strata manager approving repairs on the say-so of tenants and a committee member charging renovations to the strata fund are just some of the issues in a strata scheme that’s rapidly spiralling out of control. That’s HERE

Do additions to common property have to be approved at a general meeting rather than just by the committee?  That’s HERE.

We need to paint the building but the controlling owner who has been blocking the work is now saying it should go back to is original 1950s hues – or something much worse.  That’s HERE.

Finally we find out what to do when your strata manager turns up at a tribunal hearing, charges the strata scheme and they lose the case.  That’s HERE.

The debate over whether tenants should be compensated when repairs to common property mean they can’t access their car park has polarised the Flat Chat Faithful.  That’s HERE.

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      It’s Easter and it’s not only the buns that are hot and cross. It’s bad enough when there is a problem in your block and you don’t know what’s causing
      [See the full post at: Forum: Mystery of a bulge in a bathroom wall]

      The opinions offered in these Forum posts and replies are not intended to be taken as legal advice. Readers with serious issues should consult experienced strata lawyers.
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