Forum: Strata Manager hiding behind ‘privacy’


Why would some strata managers not want you to be able to contact other owners?

Just when we were starting to get worried about posts to the Forum tailing off, there has been a virtual tsunami and questions and complaints, but the one that jumps out at me features another big strata manager refusing to give access to the scheme’s strata roll to an owner.

Why does this annoy me? Because I know from personal experience that one of the biggest strata management companies in NSW appears to have a policy of not giving owners – even strata secretaries – access to their strata roll (as they are clearly required by law to do).

A policy to defy the law? That’s a big call – until you look at their standard contract which says they won’t supply documents to owners, which the law requires them to do.

And even if they do provide the strata roll, usually after they are threatened with being dragged to the Tribunal where they could face financial penalties, they still refuse to hand over email addresses (which the law says must be included in the strata roll).

The reason they give is “privacy”.  Calling BS on that! For the record, the Privacy Act doesn’t apply to owners corporations.

Why would these otherwise professional firms openly defy the law until they are threatened with a trip to NCAT? Could it be that they don’t want strata owners talking to each other?

You can read about the problem and a simple Flat Chat solution HERE.

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