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At any level of politics it can be hugely frustrating when the numbers on both sides are equal. With everyone in their respective trenches, it can take a casting vote to get any decisions through.

Scale that down to a strata committee which has lost one member out of five and the problem is exactly the same.

The law says the remaining members of the committee can choose a replacement to serve until the next AGM. However, in a case brought to the Forum, there is no longer a majority and neither side is prepared to give ground on their choice of a replacement.

In Victoria and the ACT, the chair would have the casting vote, but not in NSW so it’s two against two on the choice of who will fill the empty seat.

Now, anyone who has spent any time around strata committees will sense there are deeper issues here than just the choice of a committee member. This is a power play and the side that previously held the majority wants it back, while the other team sees a chance to take over.

So what can the committee do to break the deadlock, other than waiting for the next AGM and another election?  That’s HERE.

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