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    The Hood

    Shame I can’t upload a video of a few MB because if I could it would show two shady characters walking through the car park of a strata plan, at 10:15pm, in the Fairfield LGA
    They move to the Secretary’s car.
    They proceed to pour some flammable liquid in the driver’s side and light it up.
    Other residents scramble to move their vehicles away from the burning car.
    This is most likely retribution for enforcing by-laws.
    Clearly it was a targeted attack.
    They knew which car they wanted to torch; nothing random about it.

    One lesson learnt is that if you want to ID people at night you need some seriously expensive CCTV equipment. Even though the perps were caught on the new CCTV system from multiple angles (3 different cameras) it is hard to identify them.

    To watch the video on Onedrive, click HERE: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AvjXHfhwRK7HamU&cid=9E89884121664760&id=9E89884121664760%21120&parId=9E89884121664760%21115&o=OneUp.

    You can also view a shorter version here on Youtube; https://youtu.be/pv7Ro1Te-Js

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    If The Hood would care to get in touch, I have a couple of journalists on hold who’d love to dig into this story.

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