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Here’s a dilemma that I’ve been waiting to see crop up in the Forum for a couple of years now – can short-term letting hosts be charged the difference if the insurance goes up because there are Airbnbs or similar STHLs in the block?

I say this because there seems to be a belief that Airbnbs are sacrosanct – you can’t restrict them in any way or charge them for any additional costs they may impose on the scheme. Or can you?

A Flatchatter has written to tell us that when their committee told their potential insurers that they had a couple of Airbnbs in the block, the insurance companies promptly withdrew their quotes then re-quoted at a rate 25% higher.

Tough luck on the rest of the owners, you might think, but then there’s Section 82 of the Act that says if an owner changes the use of their apartment so that it attracts higher insurance premiums for the block, then the owners corp or even individual owners can apply to the Tribunal to ask them to make the lot owner pay the difference. 

So is turning your home into a holiday rental a change of use – the insurers seem to think so?

Has anyone ever heard of STHL hosts paying the difference? And would it fly if someone tried to force them? You’ll find the question, and an answer HERE.

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      Here’s a dilemma that I’ve been waiting to see crop up in the Forum for a couple of years now – can short-term letting hosts be charged the difference
      [See the full post at: Forum: Insurance bumped up because of Airbnbs]

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